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First Service Rewards Program

If you participate in the First Service Rewards Program, You agree to the following terms and conditions.

Within the First Service Rewards Program, these terms have the following meaning: “First Service Bank” or “Bank” refers to the financial institution administering this program. “Program” means the First Service Rewards Program that allows participants to earn and redeem points for rewards. “Checking Account(s)” or “Account(s)” refers to the checking account opened at First Service Bank. “Participant(s)” means the individual(s) who is using the First Service Bank Debit Card to obtain qualified points. “Cardholder(s)” refers to the individual(s) who has been issued a First Service Bank Debit Card. “Debit Card” or “First Service Bank Debit Card,” means the debit card that has been issued by First Service Bank that can be used to access your checking account.


1. First Service Rewards Program is available to any customer who has a First Service Bank Rewards checking account in good standing and a Bank issued Debit Card.

Point Accrual

1. Reward Points accrue each time you use your First Service Bank Debit card for point-of-sale (POS) purchases or ATM withdrawals.

2. Participants will earn one point for every $5 in net purchases (purchases less returns), by using their First Service Bank Debit Card when a Personal Identification Number (PIN) is used. This rule applies for ATM withdrawals as well.

3. Participants will earn one point for every $2 in net purchases (purchases less returns) by using their First Service Bank Debit Card when a PIN is NOT used (Non-PIN Transaction). These are also known as signature-based transactions.

4. Direct deposits (ACH) into a First Service Bank checking account will earn 50 points for each Direct deposit (ACH).

5. Automatic loan payments from a First Service Bank checking account will earn one point for every $5 of value on the Automatic Loan payment.

6. Participants enrolled in online bill payment from a First Service Bank internet banking account earn 500 points per month, regardless of the number of bills paid. This accrual is limited to one checking account per person; subsequent checking accounts for the same participant using online bill payment will not accrue points.

7. Any participant that enrolls in the electronic delivery of statements (EStatements), and foregoes paper statements, will earn 100 points per month.

8. Transactions conducted using First Service Bank’s Debit Card for deposits, balance inquiries, transfers, credits, pre-authorizations (other than First Service Bank loan payments as described above), or other checking account inquires are not eligible for accrual. Transactions from lost, cancelled, or stolen First Service Bank Debit Cards; or fraudulent purchases will not earn points. Participants will not earn points if the checking account is closed.

9. Participants will be enrolled into the Rewards program within 5 business days of opening a personal checking account. Points will begin to accrue after enrollment AND a qualified transaction has taken place.

10. Rewards points accrue throughout a statement cycle, and will post to the rewards account on the statement cycle date. This updated balance, as well as the amount of points earned since the last statement cycle is included on your personal checking account statement. Points that accrue throughout this cycle that have not yet posted to your rewards account are not eligible for redemption.

11. All points accrued December 1st through November 30th annually and unredeemed by December 24th of the same year will expire.

12. First Service Bank reserves the right to withdraw, alter, or temporarily suspend the First Service Rewards Program at any time, without advance notice. This may result in the forfeiture of outstanding points and eligibility for redemption of any outstanding rewards points.

13. First Service Reward points may not be used with any other discount or coupon offer.

14. First Service Bank has the right to disqualify any cardholder from participating in the First Service Rewards Program, and to invalidate all reward points for abuse, fraud or any violation of the program terms and conditions. When a personal checking account is closed, the customer may redeem reward points at the time of account closure; however, points may still be forfeited by First Service Bank based on the circumstances surrounding account closure.(i.e. fraud or misuse)

15. Qualified transaction amounts will be rounded down to the nearest whole dollar amount when calculating points earned.

16. Points cannot be transferred from one account to another account. Points from multiple checking accounts cannot be aggregated together for redemption.

17. The terms of this program are void where prohibited by law.

18. Point accrual has a monthly maximum available to earn of 10,000 points and a yearly maximum available to earn of 120,000 points.

Redeeming Points

1. Points may be redeemed as soon as a minimum of 5,000 points has been earned. Points must be redeemed in 5,000 point increments.

2. Points may be redeemed by visiting or calling any First Service Bank location and requesting a Rewards Redemption.

3. Points will be redeemable only if your First Service Bank Debit Card Account is open and in good standing.

4. The Cardholder is responsible for any tax liability related to participation in First Service Program, and for payment of any charges, taxes, or other charges that may be assessed by government entities.

5. Points cannot be redeemed during the period December 25th through December 31st.