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They make our banking easier

They make our banking easier

When Katherine Larson and Ronald White consider what they enjoy most about doing business at First Service Bank in Yellville, they agree and don’t hesitate with their response – it’s the staff.

The two retirees live at Bruno (Marion County) southwest of Yellville. Katherine worked for the U.S. Postal Service and Ronald was in construction before taking a maintenance position at the Marion County Courthouse.

Katherine said when their previous bank closed, they had an option to move to another bank but found it had too many stipulations and fees. “We didn’t want a bank that didn’t serve the customer,” she said. 

They decided to check out First Service Bank and were impressed by the friendliness of its associates. “They were willing to work with us,” said Ronald. “They make our banking easier.”

Katherine is also impressed by First Service’s willingness to work with the customer. “We really appreciate a bank that is helping the neighborhood and the customer,” she said, adding that it reminds her of how banking used to be years ago. She said First Service has held on to its “small town feeling,” unlike larger banks that merge and grow, losing the personal touch along the way.

Both consider the staff at First Service as friends and almost like family.

“We always enjoy visiting with them and hearing of their latest travels. They have participated in our travel club events and are the life of the party each time. They aren’t just customers, they are our friends!” said First Service’s Bethany Hoyt.

Katherine and Ronald have been pleased with their decision to move their banking business to First Service about five years ago. 

“We are very pleased and very happy,” Ronald said. “I have all intention to stay with First Service. We're blessed.”