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For your Protection!

For your Protection!

There have been several reports lately from customers stating they were texted or called in regards to either fraud or sweepstakes that relates to their account. The callers are stating they are from First Service Bank and asking numerous questions to verify information of our customers.  We wanted to send some information to you all to help assist your customers.  One big Reg Flag from above is the fact that First Service Bank does not participate in sweepstakes.

One thing to keep in mind if First Service Bank were to call you from a branch, we would not ask you for your account number, phone number, email address, or debit card number because First Service Bank already has this information on file.  If you have received one of these forms of communication, please do not give out any information.  If you did, please get in touch with your local banking center to ensure we handle your account.  Also, another great option for your security is that First Service Bank, can set a password for your accounts when you call in for additional verification.  To do this, please contact us today and ask us to place an alert message on your profile prompting us to ask for the password when speaking to you.

If you feel suspicious during a phone call, ask for the name of the person you are talking to, and then tell them that you will call your local branch back and ask for them.  Most times, this will end a call quickly.

One of the most common calls we have received just recently are in regards to texts being received from number 1-424-210-1557 (THIS NUMBER IS NOT LEGITIMATE AND IS A SCAM). If you were to call this number, it does not ring to anything.

If you call 1-855-961-1602, they do represent themselves as the Fraud Center and it is ok to communicate with them as they assist First Service Bank with Fraud monitoring.

First Service Bank and FIS work with Falcon Alerts to provide added security to all of your debit card transactions and work to prevent identity theft and scams to all of our customers. With these Alerts, fraudulent activity can be stopped before customers even become aware of it.