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First Service offers debit card safety features with SecurLOCK

First Service offers debit card safety features with SecurLOCK

First Service Bank recognizes that peace of mind is priceless when it comes to financial matters, which is why the bank offers important debit card safety features.

Denise Moore, manager of the First Service location in Little Rock, said the new “on and off” SecurLOCK debit card feature is easy to access, giving customers the ability to easily disable or enable the use of their card if needed. When the card is off, it is immediately locked which prevents new purchases, cash advances and balance transfers. By using the feature, if the card falls into the wrong hands, fraudulent purchases can be prevented.

“On the First Service Bank mobile app, you just go to the card controls and turn it on or off. Just slide the ‘on’ or the ‘off’ button. It is very easy,” she said. “It is a great security feature to give you peace of mind if you think you have misplaced or lost your card. If you find the card, you can unlock it, to turn it back on, without a call to the bank.”

Denise points out that First Service associates are eager to help customers if they have a problem, but the on and off safety feature is an efficient and convenient way that can save time. Plus, it is at the customer’s fingertips, 24 hours a day, seven days week. 

“It is great to use if someone has lost a wallet or purse. Instead of having to call and cancel your card, you can turn it off while you search for it,” Denise said. 

First Service also offers a service that can provide alerts in the event of unusual account activity. “You can sign up for notices that alert you any time your card is used over a certain amount or at certain merchants,” Denise said. “I use this feature daily to keep up with my purchases.”

Denise encourages customers to stop by a First Service location or call the bank care center to learn more about these safety features and other ways to protect your accounts. “Our staff would love to show you how to better use your mobile banking to make life easier,” she said.