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First Service debit card has many benefits

First Service debit card has many benefits

Everyday purchases are easier with a First Service Bank debit card – whether sitting on your sofa or shopping at a local grocery store to making purchases while traveling across the country. The FSB card also gives you the peace of mind that your money is secure. Plus, there are cashback benefits.

“A debit card can make in-person or online purchases fast and convenient,” said Justin C. Welter, branch manager at the Conway location of First Service Bank. “You also have the added benefits of using your card at an ATM to withdraw cash, save your card to a digital wallet like Apple Pay, Google Wallet or Samsung Wallet, and set up auto pay for monthly bills.”

First Service Bank has instant-issue debit cards available at every branch throughout the state. The cards have the EMV/Chip and tap-to-pay option for an added layer of protection and convenience. Every purchase will also earn rewards points.  

“With the FSB debit card, you are earning rewards points for every purchase,” said Justin. “These points can be redeemed for cash and there is no limit to how much you can earn.” 

Justin has some advice to ensure a debit card is safe and secure. “Always keep your card secure and never share your PIN number with anyone,” said Justin. “If you feel you card has been compromised, call the bank to have the card closed or use the FSB convenient secure lock feature to disable the card. You can also set locations on where you want your card used, control transaction types and set dollar amounts for card transactions.” 

While there are daily limits for transactions and ATM withdrawals, customers can be granted a temporary increase for larger purchases.

“There is so much a First Service debit card can do,” said Justin. “The FSB debit card makes purchases easier and with rewards, the bank is putting money back in your pocket.”