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Mobile wallet ‘makes banking easy’

Mobile wallet ‘makes banking easy’

Many people are on the go these days, looking for ways to maximize convenience without sacrificing safety and security with their banking. A mobile wallet can do just that.

A mobile wallet is a secure place to store digital valuables for convenient use on-the-go with a smartphone or smartwatch, explains Justin Zimmerman, vice president of retail banking at First Service Bank. He added that mobile wallets store digital versions of the same things stored in physical wallets – from credit and debit cards and airline boarding passes to concert tickets and rewards cards.

Justin has experienced firsthand the advantages of using a mobile wallet. “They make online and instore payments quick and easy,” he said. “Mobile wallets are reliable and convenient with also being safe with secure technologies such as encryption and tokenization to protect sensitive data.”

Convenience is the No. 1 reason Justin and others choose to use a mobile wallet. “With a full-time job, a wife and three kids who are involved in all activities, I have to seek out conveniences that are time saving,” he said.

Anyone with a smart device can utilize a mobile wallet. “To set up mobile wallet, simply locate the wallet app on your smart device and enter your credit or debit card number,” Justin said. “If you need assistance, no problem. First Service Bank associates are more than willing to assist you with your mobile wallet needs! Simply stop by and bring in your smart device. We will take it from there.”

Justin said a mobile wallet and First Service help make banking and meeting life’s demands easier. “I have a perfect example. I just got off work and need to pick up one of my kids to take to ball practice but I need to run by the grocery store real quick. With hands full of shopping bags, I remember I left my wallet in my vehicle. No worries. I can simply use my mobile wallet on my mobile device to easily pay for my groceries.” 

Justin added, “In the times we are in today, with everything being so rushed, we don’t have the time to run back to the car and get a wallet or take the time to dig through a purse or a pocket to locate a debit card. With the convenience of a mobile wallet and my First Service Bank debit card set as my default method, I am good to go. That to me is making banking easy.”