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First Service Bank Celebrates the Advancement of Morgan Rish to Senior Project Manager

First Service Bank Celebrates the Advancement of Morgan Rish to Senior Project Manager

First Service Bank (FSB) is pleased to announce the promotion of Morgan Rish to Senior Project Manager. With an impressive background in project management and a passion for driving operational excellence, Morgan is well-prepared to take on her enhanced responsibilities.

Morgan Rish has excelled as a Project Manager at First Service Bank, contributing her expertise to initiatives aimed at boosting efficiency across various departments. Her role involved generating insightful reports to enhance visibility into organizational productivity and providing data-driven insights for informed decision-making at the executive level.

"Morgan Rish's promotion to Senior Project Manager is a testament to her rapid growth and exceptional contributions to First Service Bank. In her time as a Project Manager, Morgan displayed a keen ability to drive efficiency and generate insights crucial for informed decision-making. Her dedication to our bank's success is evident, and we believe her transition to this new role will further amplify her impact. Morgan's strategic mindset and commitment to excellence align perfectly with our bank's vision, and we look forward to her continued success in this elevated capacity," said Andy Grumbles, CFO at First Service Bank.

In her new capacity as Senior Project Manager, Morgan will build on her existing responsibilities while assuming a more strategic role. Her expanded role includes direct involvement in strategic initiatives that encompass regulatory compliance, board-driven objectives, and operational refinements.

"What excites me the most about this new position is the opportunity to contribute to larger-scale initiatives and strategic projects that will shape the direction of the bank," said Morgan. "I am eager to embrace this next chapter and work closely with our leadership team to drive positive change."

Originally from Sheridan, Morgan currently resides in Benton. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Arkansas State University. While her banking experience spans just 11 months, her previous work experience in project management combined with her dedication and enthusiasm are indicative of a promising future in the industry.

"First Service Bank's collaborative and inclusive atmosphere is what sets it apart for me. The leadership team's openness to fresh perspectives and innovative ideas fosters a dynamic environment where everyone's voice is valued," Morgan commented.

Morgan is most excited about the potential to engage in more strategic initiatives, leveraging her project management skills to drive impactful changes across the bank. As she steps into her new role, she looks forward to seizing opportunities to contribute to the bank's ongoing success and innovation.

Reflecting on her new responsibilities, Morgan shared, "This position allows me to engage with high-level strategic projects that not only shape the bank's future but also provide me with avenues to serve the organization and its stakeholders in a more meaningful way."

First Service Bank's commitment to the communities it serves resonates deeply with Morgan. "Our bank places a strong emphasis on understanding and addressing the needs of our customers and communities. We have a servant's heart, and ensuring our customers' comfort and satisfaction remains a top priority in all our endeavors," she emphasized.

First Service Bank congratulates Morgan Rish on her well-deserved promotion to Senior Project Manager. Her dedication, innovative spirit, and strategic mindset will undoubtedly contribute to the bank's continued growth and success.

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