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Travel club director shares packing tips

Travel club director shares packing tips

With most of the logistics already handled for the First Service Bank Travel Club, packing may be the most difficult task for members.

Ina Standridge, who has served as the director of the First Service Travel Club since 2018, said packing your suitcase can be difficult with space and weight restrictions but she had a few pieces of advice that could help.

  • Ina said she tries to organize her clothing and other items using packing cubes for her suitcase. “I also try to roll my clothes and that seems to help,” she said.
  • Trying to decide what clothing and narrowing it down to the essentials can be difficult. “Sometimes you have to wear some clothing twice,” Ina said, suggesting to pick out items that coordinate.
  • Selecting what shoes to pack is particularly hard. “But you don’t need them all,” said Ina.

Ina also packs a first aid kit just in case someone in the travel club needs it. She also thinks it wouldn’t hurt to have a roll of duct tape in the bag. It could be helpful, in particular if there’s a problem with a suitcase.

It is especially important for club members to pack medications, a change of clothes and toiletries in their carry-on bag, according to Ina. It will provide easy access in case of need.

Ina encourages those with mobility issues not to let their challenges keep them from traveling. She said most workers are accustomed to helping those with special needs. “Don’t let your disability stop you from having fun,” she said. “There are ways that things can be arranged and accommodations made.”

The First Service Travel Club is designed for customers 50 years and older who have flexible schedules and enjoy travel, social events and unique experiences. The travel club’s mission to identify and plan travel and experiences from local events to international trips that will be engaging and fun for all members. To participate in the travel club, customers are required to have a First Service Bank checking account with $5,000 or more in deposits.

To learn more about the First Service Travel Club and all it has to offer, contact Ina Standridge at 501-514-2340.